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Personalized body exfoliationDurationPrice
Stimulating Exfoliation : Energetic and intense exfoliation stimulationg blood flow and removing dead cells for a better skin. 
Regenerative Exfoliation : Hydrating and revitalizing treatment favoring cellular regeneration. 
Sublimating Exfoliation : Treatment improving micro-circulation, body tone and elasticity and the natural glow of your skin.
45 min83$

Wrapping and personalized skin exfoliation comboDurationPrice
Stimulating Treatment : Stimulating and energetic care for those seeking invigorating effect.
Purifing Treatment : Best care to lower muscular and arthritic pain. Purifying, antiseptic and relaxing treatment stimulating blood flow.
Anti-stress Treatment :A true hydrating and relaxing care.
Antioxidant Treatment :Antioxidant care protecting sking against outside elements and providing deep hydratation. 
Anti-aging Treatment : Treatment improving body tone and elasticity and the natural glow of your skin while awakening your senses. 
75 min115$

Specialized body care

Hands and feet paraffin moisturizing treatmentDurationPrice
This highly hydrating care lowers articulation pain and includes cleaning, exfoliation, a soft massage and a paraffin wrapping.

30 min

60 min



Treatment of heavy legsDurationPrice
Combining exfoliation and wrapping will activate blood flow and lower the heaviness feeling to provide a lighter state of being.45 min80$

Pressotherapy                                                                                                                               30 min     35$ 

Pressotherapy                                                                                                                               55 min     89$

Duo Pressotherapy / back and head massage                                                                           85 min   144$