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Body care

Exfoliation                                                                                                                   45 min86$
Nourish your skin with a gentle body exfoliation, offering it a warm embrace that awakens a soft and soothing sensation, revealing the natural splendor of your skin.

Wrapping and Exfoliation combo75 min120$
Dive onto a sensory experience with the harmonious combination of body wrapping and exfoliation.  This duo blends seamlessly to offer you a soothing embrace that pampers your skin while revealing its softness.

Therapeutic bath30 min50$
Immerse yourself in an oasis of well-being with a therapeutic bath, an enveloping experience that soothes the body and mind, welcoming you into a cocoon of deep relaxation.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Specialized body care     

Marine Prelude                                                                                                          45 min90$
Through the combined action of natural marine mud from the Dead Sea and sea salts, this original scrub provides detoxifying exfoliation, coupled with a truly intense relaxation effect.  The skin is soft, revitalized, roughness is eliminated and the body is relaxed.

Joyaux Atlantique Ritual treatment

120 min175$
This energizing ritual draws inspiration from the benefits of lithotherapy and ancient African techniques to intensely stimulate and invigorate your body.

Merveille Arctique Ritual treatment

120 min175$
Surrender yourself to the benefits of ancient Nordic rituals, where soothing warmth and invigorating freshness alternate to relax the body and release tensions.

Pacific Islands Ritual treatment  

120 min 175$
Like a journey to the ends of the earth, indulge in the benefits of Lagoon algae and surrender to the gentle scents of Monoi, for an unparalleled experience of escape and relaxation.

Fortifying  Body Massage for Men  

60 min  116$
A massage created specifically for men, consisting of powerful and deep techniques combined with an Aquatic massage oil that saturates the skin with its protective anti-aging agents for an ultra-rested body.

Hands or feet paraffin treatment

30 min65$

Hands and feet paraffin treatment

60 min

Experience a relaxing and therapeutic treatment with our paraffin care, which, thanks to its enveloping warmth, deeply hydrates, leaving your skin soft, smooth and intensely nourished.

Freshness treatment lighter legs45 min80$
Give your legs instant relief with our Light Legs Freshness Treatment.  Its refreshing and soothing formula instantly revitalizes, providing a feeling of lightness and well-being.  Perfect for soothing daily fatigue and rejuvenating tired legs.




Pressotherapy                                                                                                     30 min


55 min


Pressotherapy + back and head massage combo85 min


 All prices are subject to change without notice



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