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Personalized body exfoliationDurationPrice
Stimulating Exfoliation : Energetic and intense exfoliation stimulating blood flow and removing dead cells for better skin. 
Regenerative Exfoliation : Hydrating and revitalizing treatment favoring cellular regeneration. 
Sublimating Exfoliation : Treatment improving micro-circulation, body tone and elasticity and the natural glow of your skin.
45 min83$

Wrapping and personalized skin exfoliation comboDurationPrice
Stimulating Treatment : Stimulating and energetic care for those seeking an  invigorating effect.
Purifing Treatment : Best care to lower muscular and arthritic pain. Purifying, antiseptic and relaxing treatment stimulating blood flow.
Anti-stress Treatment :A true hydrating and relaxing care.
Antioxidant Treatment :Antioxidant care protecting skin against outside elements and providing deep hydration. 
Anti-aging Treatment : Treatment improving body tone and elasticity and the natural glow of your skin while awakening your senses. 
75 min115$

                                            Personalized therapeutic Bath           30 min     50$                                         

Sea salt : Remineralizing, purifying, improves circulation with a focus on eliminating toxins and relaxing muscles.

Chocolate : Toning, hydrating, nourishes and softens the skin.

Goat milk : Hydrating, purifying, soothing, rebalances and preserves the skin.

Blueberry and honey : Nourishing, revitalizing, softens the skin and helps with scarring.

Algae : Soothing, purifying, improves circulation and relieves aches.

Thalgo effervescent crystals : Invigorating, relaxing, improves blood circulation and promotes absolute relaxation.

Citrine : Energizing, frees you of daily fatigue and stress


                                               Merveille Arctique ritual treatment                          120 min     175$

Salt flake scrub for an invigorating friction.  Bath with effervescent crystals to relax the body and release tension.  Massage that alternate soothing warmth and reviving freshness.  Improves circulation and relives aches.

                                                     Fortifying Massage for Men                                60 min       116$

A massage created specifically for men, composed of powerful deep techniques combined with aquatic massage oil that drenches the skin with its active ingredients protecting from cell ageing for a body that feels super rested.

Specialized body care

Hands and feet paraffin moisturizing treatmentDurationPrice
This highly hydrating care reduces articulation pain and includes cleansing, exfoliation, a soft massage and a paraffin wrapping.

30 min

60 min



Freshness treatment light legsDurationPrice
A cryotherapy treatment wrap to treat feelings of discomfort and fatigue in the legs and provide a slimmer silhouette.45 min90$

Pressotherapy                                                                                                                               30 min     35$ 

Pressotherapy                                                                                                                               55 min     89$

Duo Pressotherapy / back and head massage                                                                           85 min   144$