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Switch up the fun in hot water and in cold water

at our outdoor Nordic Spa

UniverSpa Nordik put to your disposition modern installations that will allow you to enjoy to a maximum our thermotherapy, a relaxing treatment that gives you the full benefits of the hot and cold alternation. We offer three Nordic pools, outdoor and indoor, a relaxation area, a Finnish sauna and a eucalyptus steam room that promotes the elimination of toxins and deep relaxation.

Towels and a secure locker are provided.  A bathing suit and sandals are mandatory.

A bath robe can be rented out for 10$.

Mandatory reservation
Minimum 16 years old

Monday to Thursday

Weeknight Monday to Wednesday30$
 Thursday 5 pm to Sunday 

Initiation, for kids 7 years old and older
SundayStarting 1pm  to 5 pmKid : 20$
Parent : 45$

It is recommended to get the Nordic spa experience before any treatment.